Gnutella In Lan

Why the Hell do we need it??

Well do anyone remember the intial days on our Lan when, most of us used to share quite some files in Lan..aaah those are distant days :( .Now, the shares are hidden passwded coz if u don't take those precautions everyone will start seeing the movies or whatever frm ur comp and u can forget abt it. Now,most of us download lot of movies,songs and softwares frm p2p networks but,most of these things are available in the Lan but u don't know where..So by implementing Gnutella everyone can share without a bother coz by limiting the bandwidth that is allowed for uploads frm ur computer u can share and still work with ur computer :D so it is win-win situation for everyone. So let's Share and Enjoy

It stays in the LAN only so high download speeds approx 800Kbps..not like other p2p so u can share and download without a problem
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